Environmental Policy Statement

EPIC International Limited are committed to providing the financial and physical resources to facilitate the preservation of the environment in which we work and live. The Company conducts all operations in a manner that complies with statutory legislative and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.

The Company has developed an Environmental Management System which is applicable to all work sites and premises. The Company is also committed to meeting the requirements necessary for certification to BS EN ISO 14001 to enhance our Environmental performance.

The Company is further committed to a process of continual improvement of the Company’s Environmental Management Systems. The Company ensures that all personnel working, contracted or visiting the Company’s premises are informed and aware of the Company’s environmental policy, procedures and their responsibilities as individuals, to comply with the Company’s Environmental Management system.

Control measures implemented by the Company include:

1. Review of the Environmental Management System, the procedures, processes, targets and objectives established to support the Environmental Policy Statement.

2. Programme of regular inspections and audits are conducted on procedures and activities carried out by the Company.

3. Risk assessment of existing practices and new practices as they are required, to eliminate incidents that may, or could potential, harm, the environment in which the Company operates.

4. Awareness of local policies and initiatives to improve the environmental.

5. Planning work activities and the materials used therein, with the aim of minimizing impact on the environment.

6. Disposal of waste in such a way as to minimize impact on the environment.

Measurable Environmental objectives will be identified and set. Actions will be identified and implemented to enable achievement and these will be regularly monitored. The effectiveness of the objectives will be reviewed at the annual Management Review meeting.

This Policy will be reviewed annually as part of the Management Review process.


Name: Kim Rowan

Position: Managing Director Date 02-01-2019