Alcohol and Drugs Policy

EIL-S-004 Rev 2 – May 2016


EPIC International is committed to maintaining healthy, safe and productive working conditions

for all its Employees, Customers and Suppliers. EPIC International recognises the impact that both

alcohol and drugs may have upon an individual’s ability to work safely and correctly and as such,

EPIC International aims to ensure a working environment free from the inappropriate use of

substances, where Employees are able to carry out their duties in a safe and efficient manner.

Alcohol and drug consumption/dependency not only affects an individual’s health and work

performance in terms of safety, efficiency, productivity and attendance as indicated, it can also

have a detrimental effect on Colleagues and Dependants. Therefore as a responsible employer

EPIC International has recognised the need to take measures to address the issue of drugs and

alcohol in the workplace and as such, this EPIC International Care Policy has been introduced to

protect the health and safety of employees and comply with relevant legislation.

The EPIC International Drug and Alcohol Policy has been designed to achieve the following:

 To educate and inform all EPIC International Employees of the effects of misusing alcohol,

drugs and substances.

 To train EPIC International Management to deal effectively with alcohol and/or drugs

incidents affecting the workplace.

 To contribute to the promotion of a healthy and safe working environment.

 To prevent the incidence of alcohol, drug or substance use related work impairment and


 To recognise and deal effectively with alcohol, drug and substance related problems.

 To encourage all EPIC International Employees who suspect or know they have an alcohol or

drug related problem to seek help voluntarily.

For the purposes of this Policy, the term drug includes:

 Alcohol.

 Substances covered by the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1971’.

 Inappropriate use of prescribed and ‘over the counter’ drugs.

 Inappropriate use of solvents and any other substances.

The EPIC International Drug and Alcohol Policy classifies inappropriate behaviour as using a

substance either in a way that affects an individual’s ability to do their job effectively and safely